Mobile Check Deposit

Mobile Check Deposit

Mobile Check Deposit
Mobile Check Deposit

Mobile Check Deposit

Mobile check deposit allows bank customers to deposit paper checks digitally using smartphone cameras rather than visiting branches. Snap photos of the check fronts and backs and submit via your bank’s mobile app. Understanding the convenience, security measures, requirements and limits helps utilize mobile remote deposit seamlessly.

Benefits of Mobile Check Deposits

Advantages mobile deposit provides over in-person check depositing include:

  • Deposit anytime 24/7 beyond branch hours
  • Deposit from anywhere convenient like home or office
  • Avoid trips to branch or ATM locations
  • Funds often available faster compared to ATM deposits
  • Streamlines check handling for businesses or frequent check recipients
  • Optimize deposit convenience while maintaining account security
  • No physical deposit slips required going digital

How Mobile Deposits Work

To deposit checks via mobile device:

  1. Endorse checks “For mobile deposit only” signing below.
  2. Open your bank’s mobile app and log into mobile banking.
  3. Select “Deposit check” or similar menu option.
  4. Enter check amounts. Take photos of front and back.
  5. Submit deposit for review and confirmation.
  6. Destroy paper checks after deposit verification.

Deposit completion times vary by bank from immediate to 3 business days.

Equipment Needed to Use Mobile Deposit

Mobile deposit requires:

  • A smartphone or tablet with rear-facing, auto-focus camera with at least 5MP resolution
  • Banking app downloaded from your financial institution
  • Access to printer if depositing business or third-party checks requiring endorsements
  • Steady hands or hard surface when capturing check images

Follow any minimum app version requirements so the deposit feature displays properly.

Types of Checks Accepted

Typical checks accepted through mobile deposit include:

  • Personal checks written out to you
  • Cashier’s checks made payable to you
  • Insurance benefit checks issued in your name
  • Payroll checks issued by employers
  • Government agency checks like tax refunds

Business accounts may also deposit customer checks endorsed over to their accounts.

Checks Not Qualified for Mobile Deposit

Items not approved for mobile deposit:

  • Checks made payable to any other recipient except you or your business
  • Checks lacking proper endorsements and signatures
  • Checks drawn against banks outside the U.S.
  • Previously returned substitute checks
  • Previously deposited or cashed checks
  • Postdated checks more than 6 months in future

Carefully read bank disclaimers on unacceptable check types to prevent deposit issues.

Mobile Check Limits and Holds

Deposit limits and holds exist:

  • Per check limits, often around $3,000 per check
  • Daily limits, commonly ranging from $5,000 – $25,000 daily
  • Monthly limits may apply, like $50,000 monthly
  • Potential holds placing funds on temporary unavailable status
  • Requirements that oversized checks get deposited in-person

Deposit completion emails detail funds availability status and any remaining limits.

Best Practices for Quality Images

Follow recommended photo best practices:

  • Lay check on dark background avoiding bright backlighting
  • Keep camera directly overhead with no angles
  • Align check properly within viewfinder guide
  • Ensure check edges are visible but avoid too tight of framing
  • Keep camera steady and hands free from motion blur
  • Do not photograph previously photocopied checks

High-quality legible images facilitate speedier deposit review and approval.

Handling Check Endorsements

Endorse paper checks:

  • In the designated endorsement area on the back
  • Sign with the name matching your account ownership
  • Write “For mobile deposit only” or as specified by your bank

This safeguards against duplicate clearing or cashing if lost. Follow bank instructions for any added notations like account numbers.

Storing and Destroying Original Checks

Once deposits get confirmed:

  • Mark checks as “Electronically deposited” or “Void”
  • Securely store checks until certain no issues arise requiring originals
  • Shred/destroy paper checks no sooner than 14 days after deposit to avoid disputes

Retaining originals provides supporting documentation if any questions arise later.

Security and Fraud Prevention Tips

Keep mobile deposits protected:

  • Only deposit to accounts registered in your name matching endorsements
  • Use strong passwords on mobile apps preventing unauthorized access
  • Enable biometric login like fingerprint or facial recognition for convenience while maintaining security
  • Never photograph and deposit checks payable to others – this facilitates fraud
  • Keep endorsement stamps and paper checks physically secure from theft

Troubleshooting Rejected Checks

If deposits get rejected:

  • Verify previously deposited checks are not being re-submitted
  • Ensure checks are properly payable and endorsable to your account
  • Review for image quality and legibility capture issues
  • Confirm amounts entered match check dollar amounts exactly
  • Fix errors and attempt deposit again if issues correctable

Notify senders immediately if necessary to cancel and reissue lost, destroyed or incorrect checks.

Alternatives To Mobile Deposit

Additional check deposit options beyond mobile include:

  • ATM check deposits for cashing and immediate funds needs
  • Bank-by-mail programs using pre-paid envelopes to send in checks
  • In-person branch tellers providing receipts
  • After-hours depository drop boxes for conveniences still requiring branch trips

Evaluate alternatives when immediate availability is critical or mobile deposit limits get reached.

Closing Thoughts

Mobile check deposits provide convenient digital alternatives over time consuming in-person bank transactions. Just take care in documenting checks, following security practices, retaining originals temporarily and learning the ropes on first usage attempt. Reach out to bank support with any questions before getting started. With a few initial precautionary steps, mobile deposit allows fast convenient check processing ideal for on-the-go lifestyles or remote banking needs.

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