Investing Apps for Beginners

Investing Apps for Beginners

Investing Apps for Beginners
Investing Apps for Beginners

Investing Apps for Beginners

Investing apps provide an easy starting point for beginner investors to learn the basics and begin building a portfolio. By enabling fractional share purchases and offering educational resources, investing apps cater to first-time investors just starting out. This guide explores useful investing apps for beginners as well as key features to look for.

Features to Look for in Beginner Investing Apps

The best investing apps for newcomers share these characteristics:

  • Intuitive mobile interface – Clean, simple design across iOS and Android.
  • Demo trading capabilities – Practice risk-free before investing real money.
  • Fractional share trading – Invest fixed dollar amounts vs full shares.
  • Automated investing options – Invest on autopilot based on risk profile.
  • Educational content – Articles, videos, tutorials explain investing clearly.
  • Virtual portfolios – Organize and track investments in one view.
  • Goal setting – Define timelines and milestone investing toward targets.

Prioritizing these features helps new investors maximize their learning.

Benefits of Investing Apps for Beginners

Key advantages investing apps offer beginners:

  • Accessible starting investment minimums – Many have no minimum or less than $1.
  • Frictionless sign up – Intuitive registration right through the app.
  • Cost savings – Many offer commission-free trades to minimize fees.
  • Simplified tax documentation – Digital tax reporting streamlines filing.
  • Portability – Monitor and manage investments anywhere via mobile access.
  • Community – Rating systems and social elements provide feedback.
  • Built-in resources – Guides and videos provide ongoing educational support.

Apps make starting investing easy and unintimidating for first timers.

Examples of Top Investing Apps for Beginners


  • Automated micro-investing in index ETF portfolios matched to risk profile.
  • Fractional share investing with no minimums.
  • Robo-advisor adjusts portfolio automatically.
  • Bonus Found Money rewards when shopping with linked cards.
  • Acorns Later option sets aside retirement investments.


  • Customizable themed investments like tech, sustainable, American brands.
  • Fractional shares as low as $5 to accommodate limited budgets.
  • Managed portfolios handled through proprietary Stash Smart Portfolios.
  • Educational articles and videos help build investing literacy.
  • Banking through Stash accounts and debit cards available.


  • Commission-free trading of stocks, options, ETFs and crypto.
  • Fractional shares enable dollar-based investing.
  • Extensive articles, videos and tutorials explain investing clearly.
  • Paper trading lets you test strategies with virtual currency first.
  • Stocks and crypto available to trade 24/7.

These and other top-rated apps provide ideal tools for investing novices.

Key Considerations When Selecting Investing Apps

As you evaluate investing apps, consider:

  • Account types offered – Individual, joint, IRA, trusts etc.
  • Investment selection – Stocks, funds, bonds, crypto or other asset classes.
  • Trading costs – How commissions, fund fees or spreads impact returns.
  • Security practices – Encryption, passcodes, multi-factor authentication.
  • Customer support – Email, chat, phone support options and response times.
  • Integrations – Can you link bank accounts for easy money transfers?
  • Referral rewards – Ways to earn free stock or cash rewards for signing up.

Thoroughly vet any app before funding accounts to ensure it aligns with your needs and priorities as an investor.

Investing apps help remove common beginner barriers like high minimums, complex interfaces, and confusing jargon. By emphasizing fractional shares, digital resources, automated tools, and community support, investing apps provide the perfect conduit for first-timers to begin putting money to work in the markets. Evaluate all features carefully and implement solid security practices for a smooth introductory investing experience.

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