How to Cancel My Horizon Card

How to Cancel My Horizon Card


How to Cancel My Horizon Card

This guide provides a simple process for any one interested in cancelling their Horizon Card account. Whether you’re switching from one credit card provider to another Horizon Card, we are prepared for it. This article will guide you on how to cancel your Horizon Card with ease.

Chapter 1: Understanding Your Horizon Card

What is the Horizon Card?

Get an overview of Horizon Card’s functionalities such as its credit limit, fees and customer support services. Explore the factors why customers may terminate their Horizon Card.

Reasons for Cancelling

Find out typical causes of why cardowners desire to cancel their Horizon Card and ways to determine whether cancellation suits you.

Chapter 2: Cancelling Your Horizon Card

1. Review the Terms and Conditions

You should also be aware of the terms and conditions associated with using Horizon Card before canceling it upfront. Consider whether there are any penalties for cancelling your contract and how these might impact upon this.

2. Pay off Outstanding Balances

Confirm that any due balance or pending payments onthe Horizon card will have been cleared prior to closing the account. It is an essential precaution not to encounter hiccups when canceling.

3. Contact Customer Service

To make such a request, contact the Horizon Card customer service department. Use the tips below and have all details in place needed to verify your identity when cancelling your card.

4. Follow Up in Writing

It may be wise to send a written confirmation acknowledging receipt of your cancel request for convenience. Make sure you save a record of this correspondence.

5. Monitor Your Credit Report

Once you have cancelled your Horizon Card, keep an eye on your credit file because cancellation should show up correctly there. It’s important for keeping your credit report in good standing for future lending.

Chapter 3: Alternatives to Cancelling

1. Product Change

If you are contemplating cancellation of your horizon card due to some features and benefits; it is advisable to communicate with the customer service department to find alternatives in terms of changing the products so as to meet your preferences.

2. Balance Transfer

Alternatively, if you have an outstanding balance on your Horizon Card, you can choose debt consolidation by transferring it a balanced due on other credit card. Shop balance transfer research and compare; find the right option for your budget.


Why canceling Horizon Card should never be cumbersome. This guide has simple instructions, which require that you go through the terms and conditions, pay down any due balance, liaise with customer care, and monitor your credit report as you cancel your card. Before making any final decisions, keep in mind that alternatives like change of products and balance transfers could be considered. To cancel, just make sure it relates to your economic objectives and general credit plan.

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