Chase Bank Hours

Chase Bank Hours

Chase Bank Hours
Chase Bank Hours

Chase Bank Hours

With over 4,700 retail branches across the United States, Chase Bank offers convenient banking access in most major cities and towns. Knowing Chase branch hours allows customers to plan visits to complete transactions, meet with bankers, or pick up ATM cash. This guide covers key operational details like standard hours, early opening and late closing times, weekend availability, holidays, and ways to find your nearest location’s hours.

Understanding the hours of your local Chase Bank enables organizing visits efficiently for your banking needs.

Standard Chase Bank Branch Hours

Most Chase branch locations adhere to the following standard weekday hours:

  • Open: 9:00am
  • Close: 6:00pm

This spans typical business hours through the early evening. So customers generally can complete in-person banking on weekdays between 9am and 6pm conveniently.

Some branches in certain markets like urban downtowns and grocery store locations maintain extended hours beyond the standard timings. But the majority operate on the core 9am-6pm weekday schedule.

Early and Late Hours at Select Chase Branches

While core business hours suit many customers, select Chase branches provide expanded early morning and late evening access:

Early Opening Hours

  • Open at 8:00am instead of 9:00am
  • Typically in dense metro downtowns to serve commercial clients

Late Closing Hours

  • Remain open until 7:00pm or 8:00pm
  • Often in urban markets and grocery/retail-based mini-branches

This allows customers who commute early or late some additional flexibility if the standard hours are inaccessible. Talk to your local branch about early or late availability.

Weekend Operating Hours at Chase

Most Chase branches remain closed on Saturdays and Sundays. However, select locations do offer weekend hours to accommodate varied schedules:

Saturday Hours

  • Open 9:00am to 1:00pm or 2:00pm
  • Primarily in busy metro markets and community branches

Sunday Hours

  • Very limited branches open
  • Typically only 11am – 3pm in major city downtowns

Call ahead to verify weekend availability at your local branch. Drive-up windows and ATMs remain accessible evenings and weekends at most locations when lobbies are closed.

Finding Nearby Branches with Weekend Hours

You can check for nearby Chase branches with Saturday or Sunday operating hours:

  • Visit the Chase website branch locator
  • Filter results by entering your zip code
  • Select the “Weekend hours” checkbox
  • Click branches in results to view available times

The locator displays branches offering any weekend availability. However, most locations remain closed fully on Sundays.

Chase Bank Holiday Hours

Chase Bank branches typically observe the following holiday closures where the dates are standard federal holidays:

  • New Year’s Day – January 1
  • Martin Luther King Jr. Day – Third Monday in January
  • Presidents’ Day – Third Monday in February
  • Memorial Day – Last Monday in May
  • Independence Day – July 4
  • Labor Day – First Monday in September
  • Thanksgiving Day – Fourth Thursday in November
  • Christmas Day – December 25

Branches close for the full day on these major holidays. Meanwhile, drive up windows and ATMs often stay available for transactions.

Finding Chase Bank Hours and Address

You can lookup your local Chase branch hours and contact information:

  • Visit the Chase website and enter your ZIP code
  • Select the desired branch location in results to view details
  • Review listed hours, phone number, and physical address
  • For holidays or unplanned closures, check the alerts box on the branch page
  • Download the Chase Mobile app which identifies nearby ATMs and branches

Having branch details handy in your contacts and confirming any exception holiday closures ensures you know when to visit.

Contacting Chase Bank Branches

Each Chase branch lists a local phone number to call for questions about hours, products, or banking needs. You can:

  • Speak to the branch manager about accounts or loans
  • Get assistance from bankers with transactions, rates, or services
  • Request appointments for opening accounts or discussing financing
  • Clarify branch hours and directions if information online conflicts or is unclear

While physical banks reduce walk-in access, calling your branch still connects you with representatives familiar with that location.

Chase Bank Drive-Thru, ATM, and Night Deposit Hours

When lobby access is unavailable, key self-service options include:

Drive-Thru – Typically open 30 minutes prior to the branch lobby opening and close 30 minutes after the branch lobby closes.

ATMs – Available 24/7 for cash withdrawals, transfers, and balance checks unless temporarily closed for maintenance.

Night Deposit Box – Allows making check or cash deposits after hours by placing them into a secured night box.

Branches attempt to make basic transactions available even when locations are not staffed. Understand all the self-service channels for your branch.

Does Chase Bank Have 24 Hour Branches?

Chase does not currently operate any permanently open 24 hour branches. All locations close overnight after standard closing times.

However, some options for 24 hour banking access include:

  • ATMs – Remain available 24 hours for cash withdrawals and check deposits if not temporarily closed for replenishing or servicing.
  • Online Banking – Chase’s online and mobile apps allow transfers, bill pay, statements, remote check deposit anytime.
  • Night Deposit Box – Make after-hours deposits that credit the next business day.

So while no physical staffed branches stay open overnight, self-service and digital banking ensure 24/7 account access.

Using the Chase Mobile App to Find Branches and ATMs

The Chase Mobile app allows finding nearby branches and ATMs:

  • Download the app and login with your online banking credentials.
  • Tap the “Branches & ATMs” module on the home screen.
  • View list of branches sorted by distance and indicated if open currently.
  • Search or filter branch list by zip code, city, or state.
  • Tap a branch to see address, hours, phone number and amenities like drive-thru.
  • Get directions or call the branch right from the app interface.

The Chase Mobile App provides enhanced convenience locating physical banking options on-the-go.

Chase Bank Customer Service Hours

If you need assistance outside branch hours, Chase Bank’s customer service channels include:

Customer Service Phone Line

  • 24/7 availability at 1-800-935-9935

Secure Email Message Center

  • Reachable 24/7 through online banking
  • Responses provided 7am – 10pm Central on weekdays

Online Chat Support

  • Available 7am – 10pm Central weekdays
  • Wait times displayed so you can plan chats accordingly

Through online, mobile and phone channels, Chase provides extensive customer service coverage beyond branch operating hours.

Visiting Chase Branches With Reduced Hours

Some Chase locations have limited hours for several potential reasons:

  • Recently opened branches that plan to expand hours later
  • Mini branches in office towers, airports, or grocery stores
  • Rural branches with fewer local customers
  • Branches reducing staff and operations amid nationwide branch declines

If your nearest branch has reduced hours, you can still request appointments during closed times if needed for specialist meetings. You also can handle everyday transactions using online banking and the ATM.

Advice for Managing Bank Hours

Tips for adapting to bank hours conveniently:

  • Identify early opening or late closing branches nearby if standard hours conflict with work schedule.
  • Book appointments with bankers in advance for loan applications or account openings rather than walking in.
  • Stack errands like grocery shopping when banking to make one efficient trip.
  • Deposit checks using mobile banking then just stop by for instant cash back needs.
  • Plan branch visits around long lunch breaks from the office if tight on time.

With some planning, customers can adapt around limited branch operating times by utilizing branches strategically rather than relying on them for every basic transaction. Leverage online and mobile tools for 24/7 account access.

Key Takeaways on Chase Bank Hours

Key points to remember:

  • Most Chase branches operate 9am – 6pm weekdays, closed weekends
  • Select locations open 8am or close at 7 or 8pm for extended hours
  • Drive up windows, ATMs and night deposit boxes provide after-hour access
  • Mobile and online banking allow transactions anytime from home
  • Reach customer service reps by secure message, chat or phone 24 hours
  • Confirm branch hours by phone or online as some have reduced schedules

While online and digital banking provides around-the-clock convenience, visiting branches remains essential for many touchpoints like seeking lending advice. Checking branch hours and planning accordingly ensures you can access in-person services efficiently.

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