Understanding the Basics of Investment Banking

Understanding the Basics of Investment Banking



Understanding the Basics of Investment Banking

Understanding The Basics Of Investment Banking. Good day! This detailed manual will open doors for you to get insight in understanding of investment bank’s functionality, key actors and its crucial position in the financial universe. If you want to become a financial professional or just looking for enlightenment on the inner functions of the field, then this book is for you to provide the basics.

Chapter 1: What is Investment Banking?

Definition and Scope

Learn the Meaning of Investment Banking vs Commercial Banking. Learn about major activities done & provided by Investment Banks.

Investment Banking vs. Other Financial Institutions

Investigate the differences between investment banks, commercial banks and others in the context of financial institutions. Discover what they do differently within the financial market.

Chapter 2: Investment Banking Functions

Capital Raising

Learning to understand how Investment Banks help businesses, government and institution in borrowing funds for their development. Discovering how IPOs, secondary offerings, and private placements take place.

Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A)

Understand Investment Banks’ Role in Mergers, Acquisitions and Divestitures. Find out what they do as advisors, facilitators, and financiers in mergers and acquisitions activity.

Corporate Restructuring

Understanding how Investment Banks Help Companies Restructure Operations, Capital Structure, and Financial Strategies. Purpose and methods of debt restructuring, recapitalizations, and spin-offs.

Chapter 3: Key Players in Investment Banking

Investment Bankers

Find out what an investment banker does – relationship manager, analyst or associate? Хронологија. Know what it takes to make it in the industry.

Clients and Stakeholders

Investment Banking – Client’s Base and Stake Holders. Learn how to effectively cooperate in these partnerships.

Regulatory Bodies and Compliance

Find out the regulatory environment where investment banks operate. Familiarise yourself with important regulators and statutory compliance to maintain legality and professionalism.


Congratulations! Congratulations on finishing “Understanding the Basics of Investment Banking”. This will help you understand the function of different players in the investment banking world and its surrounding environment better and make your journey towards finance easier. The investment banking is of great importance for the market of capital, corporate finance and advisory services. Whatever your reasons to embark on a venture into investment banking or deepen understanding of the industry; for you this book will form firm groundwork of invaluable knowledge. Keep up with developments including innovation, market trends, regulatory changes in investment banking world.

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